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In observance of New Year's Day, OASIS Medical will be closed on Monday January 1, 2024.

Orders placed after 2:00PM PST on Friday December 29, 2023 will be processed and shipped when we return at 6:30AM PST Tuesday January 2nd, 2024.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

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Customer Service: (844) 820-8940

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Doctor & Patient Testimonials

What Eye Care Professionals and Patients are saying about Oasis TEARS

"I have used Oasis TEARS PLUS for over a year. It comes in handy with my busy schedule and fast paced life. It has helped in every aspect of my life from allowing my vision to improve when I'm playing on the court to relieving the irritation and dryness of my eyes during my travels. OASIS has been a life saver."
     Lindsey Napela Berg
     3-time Olympian and International Volleyball Star

"Oasis TEARS PLUS is the best, most effective lubricating eye drop, providing the longest-lasting relief  I have used in my practice....EVER."
     Michael Gordon, MD
     Gordon, Binder, Weiss Vision Institute
     San Diego, CA

"We are using Oasis TEARS on our dry eye patients including some difficult patients where other therapies have failed.  Several of these patients who have not been helped in any other way have turned completely around after treatment with Oasis TEARS PLUS."
     Richard Castillo, OD, DO
     The Oklahoma College of Optometry
     Northeastern State University, Tahlequah, OK

"I love the product.  Patients love it.  I use it on myself.  It is a great product."
     Mark J. Mannis, MD FACS
     Professor, Department of Ophthalmology
     UC Davis Eye Center

"Stabilizing the ocular surface with Oasis TEARS helps me get accurate preoperative measurements, which is critical for my refractive surgery and premium IOL patients.  I recommend them to my patients for post-operative care as well."
     Karl Stonecipher, MD
     TLC Laser Eye Centers
     Greensboro, NC

"When I am evaluating a patient for dry eyes I like to make sure they are using what I classify as "super tears" before initiating a medical or surgical therapy........Oasis TEARS is definitely a super tear and I recommend it to my dry eye patients."
     Mihir (Max) Parikh, MD
     Advanced Ophthalmology Institute
     La Jolla, CA

"I had LASIK eye surgery and was given a sample of your Oasis TEARS after my surgery.  I have tried many, many different artificial tears and these are by far the best.  I have allergies and most of the other products irritate my eyes."
     Julie Sorensen, Patient
     Toledo, WA

"I love your product....it is the only thing that seems to help my eyes heal since my surgery 3 months ago.  After my epi-lasik I had numerous erosions and was in total discomfort no matter what the eye doctor gave me for relief.  My doctor said he had a new product...Oasis TEARS PLUS.  From the first day I used it my eyes have felt so much better."
     Patti Maas, Patient
     Walnut Grove, MN

"I had an ocular prosthetic for the past 41 years.  I have suffered severe dryness with my prosthetic.  I have tried several different brands of eye drops wihout getting the relief I need.  The OASIS drops were different right away.  It was amazing to only need to use eye drops 4 times a day instead of 6-10 times.  They have relieved the dryness in my eyes much better than other drops & my vision has improved in the past couple of weeks.  I have recommended these drops to family members."
     Glennda Campos
     Sacramento, CA

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