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Oasis TEARS® PF Preservative-Free Lubricant Eye Drops


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Oasis TEARS PF® Preservative Free Lubricant Eye Drops lubricate, moisten, and relieve symptoms of dry eye disease. Symptoms can range from irritation, dryness, burning, gritty (foreign body sensation), and may have other underlying causes. 

Ask your eye doctor if you're symptoms might be related to dry eye disease and which Oasis TEARS Lubricant drop is best for your symptoms. 

No matter where you're at on your life's journey - Your Eyes Matter

  • Contains 10 mL/0.3 fluid ounces in a bottle
  • Preservative-free
  • Recommended for the relief of mild to moderate dry eye symptoms
  • For day or night time use

Eye Care Professional: 

"I ensure quality patient care, earn patient appreciation, and grow my practice with Oasis TEARS."
- Y. Ralph Chu, M.D., Chu Vision Institute.

“OASIS TEARS® is a wonderful lubricating drop to treat Dry Eye disease. Based on patient feedback, patients feel that the OASIS TEARS® last 4-5 times longer than other over-the-counter artificial tears.”
- Jason A. Sifrit, OD, FAAO, Cascade Vision Center, Renton, Wash.

Dry Eye Sufferer: 

"I have Sjogrens and dry eyes are one of the symptoms. I literally had dry patches on my eyes. I needed to have a product I can depend on to keep them hydrated and stop that gritty itchy feeling. I know it may sound cliche, but it's true!! My eyes are the desert and you are my OASIS!  I've found a product that not only feels good when I put it in, but continues to feel good. I was so frustrated, but not anymore. Thank you Oasis TEARS!"

- Charlene D., New Jersey

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